Tailings and mining applications

A long-term improved solution

DRAINTUBE provides technical and innovative solutions for mines rehabilitation, tailings drying or dams drainage. DRAINTUBE effectively drains liquids and gases even under extreme conditions.

For many years, AFITEX-Texel has developed and manufactured multi-linear drainage geocomposites to decrease pore pressures in the soils. DRAINTUBE technology is a solution that provides safety, long term stability as well as consequent environmental footprint reductions.

Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE main applications :
Installed below impermeable geomembranes in fresh or processed water ponds, DRAINTUBE allows water and/or gas pressures to dissipate. It also provides a protection of the geomembrane against puncture. DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposite ensures proper functioning of the pond over time.
On final cover of mining waste storage sites, DRAINTUBE replaces granular drainage layers. This multi-linear drainage geocomposite offers a wide range of performances for drainage, filtration and mechanical protection.
DRAINTUBE has proven to be an efficient substitute for a portion of the granular material and perforated pipe network for leachate collection in heap leach pads. The multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE can resist very high compressive loads. It also offers excellent chemical resistance to acid solutions.
Social and Environmental footprint
DRAINTUBE allows a reduction of the costs of the construction works compared to the use of granular drainage layers. It reduces the trucks traffic and increases the security on-site and around the site. DRAINTUBE also reduces the social and environmental impact of the overall project.
Leak Detection and Geomembrane Protection
GEOCONDUCT conductive geotextile placed directly under the geomembrane makes possible leak detection and location survey on all type of supports. It also provides a protection of the geomembrane against puncture.
GEOCONDUCT conducts the electric current required for leak detection using spark test, arc test, water lance, dipole and geomembrane integrity monitoring.
DRAINTUBE CONDUCTIVE geocomposite is also available to provide mechanical protection of the geomembrane, electrical conductivity and drainage.