Tailings and mining applications

A long-term improved solution

Discover the latest standard for flexible, long-lasting and cost efficient drainage geocomposite for mine dams, tailings dewatering and covers.

For many years, AFITEX-Texel has developed and manufactured enhanced flow drainage geocomposites to decrease pore pressures found in most of soils. Those pressures may lead to a loss of stability in associated structures. DRAINTUBE FT/ST technology is a solution that provides safety, long-term stability as well as environmental footprint reductions.

Fluid control is critical for most civil engineering applications. The development of pore pressure in soils can compromise the stability of installations. Over the past decade, AFITEX-Texel has been using a unique enhanced flow drainage geocomposite named DRAINTUBE to eliminate interstitial pressure and ensure the long-term performance of mining engineering projects.
These products rely on the combination of various geotextile layers (filtration, separation and protection layers) that are needlepunched together with integrated perforated mini-pipes to obtain high capacity drainage. DRAINTUBE FT/ST enhanced flow drainage geocomposite is a solution that provides safety, long-term stability and also environmental footprint reductions.
Drainage for mine waste storage covers/caps
With its flexibility in terms of hydraulic drainage, filtration and puncture resistance, DRAINTUBE technology provides a wide range of drainage solutions for runoff water in capping applications for tailing/mining waste storage sites.
Groundwater drainage under fresh/processed water ponds
Installed below impermeable geomembranes in freshwater, ponds DRAINTUBE FT/ST allows this pressure to dissipate and ensures proper functioning of the pond over time.
Tailings dam drainage
Tailings dams are often built using the upstream method because they are more cost efficient. The limitation of this method is the eventual rise in the water table within the structure, creating stability problems. Safety can be greatly increased with the use of DRAINTUBE between built-up sections.
Leachate Drainage in metals extraction using heap leaching
DRAINTUBE FT/ST is capable of resisting very high compressive loads. With its excellent hydraulic capacity, DRAINTUBE enhanced flow drainage geocomposite has proven to be an efficient substitute for a portion of the granular and perforated pipe network.
Leak Detection and Geomembrane Protection
When a leak detection survey is needed, GEOCONDUCT™ conductive geotextile placed directly under the geomembrane provides puncture protection and allows all types of leak detection and location survey, such as spark test, arc test, water lance, dipole and geomembrane integrity monitoring.
And when drainage under the geomembrane is also needed, DRAINTUBE Conductive allows puncture protection, leak detection and water and/or gas drainage.