Buildings and Sports field applications

High performance at every stage

DRAINTUBE offers an effective and cost efficient drainage solution for buildings and athletic fields.

For many years, gravel and pipes have been used to provide a good liquid drainage and gas collection solutions for buildings and sports fields. Today, enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE FT/ST offers the ultimate alternative regarding the performance, the cost and the environmental footprint reductions.

Enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE offers many advantages for drainage over gravel layers, which are:
Cost savings
The financial advantage over gravel or sand is evident: there is no need to travel back and forth to a quarry to gather granular material.
Logistics and Security
The use of DRAINTUBE reduces the trucks traffic and therefore the overall impact on nearby residents (noise, dust, accessibility, etc.). It also increases the security on-site and around the site.
It is much easier and faster to install DRAINTUBE FT/FTF on a low foundation than a layer of granular material on a geotextile separator.
Enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE also decreases the environmental footprint of the project through a significant reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions.
For Buildings DRAINTUBE FT/ST/FTB is largely used for:
  • Rainfall water drainage for green roofs or potable reservoirs
  • Ground water drainage under concrete slab
  • Contaminated soils gas | radon collection under concrete slab
For gas collection under concrete slab, DRAINTUBE can be positively connected to the gas network using Quick Connect System™. This all-in-one solution makes it possible to connect directly the pipes of the DRAINTUBE to the vent pipe and expand the negative pressure under the slab.
For Sports Fields DRAINTUBE Sport FT/ST 4 can:
  • Save an average of 50% on the cost of building a granular foundation
  • Increase the field drainage system performance with a better response time than a gravel layer
  • Increase the playable time of the field all along the year
Leak Detection and Geomembrane Protection
When a leak detection survey is needed, GEOCONDUCT™ conductive geotextile placed directly under the geomembrane provides puncture protection and allows all types of leak detection and location survey, such as spark test, arc test, water lance, dipole and geomembrane integrity monitoring.
And when drainage under the geomembrane is also needed, DRAINTUBE Conductive allows puncture protection, leak detection and water and/or gas drainage.