Buildings and Sports field applications

High performance at every stage

Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE offers an efficient and cost-effective drainage solution for buildings and sports fields.

DRAINTUBE has proven to be an efficient substitute for granular drainage materials and perforated pipe network for liquid and gas drainage. Thanks to its high compressive strength, DRAINTUBE offers high flow capacities even under high stress.

Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE main applications :
  • Soil water drainage under concrete slab (buildings, underground car parks, etc.)
  • Protection of buildings against soil gas infiltrations (radon, biogas, VOC, etc.)
  • Foundation drainage of synthetics or natural sports fields
  • Rainwater drainage on green roofs and potable reservoir roofs
The use of DRAINTUBE for the drainage of the foundations increases playing time on synthetic and natural sports fields.
On polluted soil, multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE collects and effectively evacuates soil gases (biogas, radon, VOC, etc.) under the building. Its operation and installation are described in the Design guidance document for the protection of buildings against soil gas infiltrations.
For soil water drainage under concrete slab, DRAINTUBE replaces the granular draining layers and reduces the excavation work. DRAINTUBE offers an effective alternative regarding the performance and costs. It also reduces the social and environmental footprint on-site.
Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE offers a wide number of advantages:
  • Lower costs
  • Faster construction
  • Less excavation and/or backfill
  • Better performance
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
Enhanced underground gas collection
For sub-slab depressurization (SDD), DRAINTUBE can be positively connected to the gas collector pipes and exhaust pipes using the QUICK CONNECT SYSTEM. This all-in-one solution makes it possible to connect directly the pipes of the DRAINTUBE to the main collector pipe.
DRAINTUBE and QUICK CONNECT SYSTEM permit a positive connection between the SSD components and therefor limit head losses.
Social and Environmental footprint
Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE reduces the trucks traffic and increases the security on-site and around the site. It also reduces the social and environmental impact on nearby residents (noise, dust, accessibility, etc.).