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Technical advantages

Directional enhanced flow drainage geocomposite.
The dense network of embedded mini-pipes in the Draintube allow a high flow rate even if the slope is equal to zero. The flow is always evacuated in the expected direction, the direction of the mini-pipes!
Draintube enhanced flow drainage geocomposite enables rainfall to evacuate faster than a homogeneous drainage layer (Del Greco, et al., Eurogeo5, 2012).
Long term drainage capacity
Unlike geonet geocomposites, the load transfer mechanism between the overlying and underlying material is only a fraction of the normal load. The pipe component of Draintube geocomposite is confined by the surrounding. The soil arching effect that applies to other flexible pipes applies to Draintube as well.
When confined, Creep and Geotextile Intrusion are not a concern for Draintube. The transmissivity of Draintube is primarily gradient sensitive, rather than load or time sensitive, up to loads of at least 50,000 psf (Blond, et al., ICG 2010).
As a consequence, RFCR=1.0 and RFIN=1.0.
Therefore, for most of the applications, the applied combined reduction for Draintube are almost half of those applied to geonet geocomposites (Maier, et al., Geosynthetics mag, 2014).