Environmental applications

One answer to multiple drainage concerns for Landfills, Impoundments and Biopiles

Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE combines the efficient technologies of non-woven geotextiles and perforated pipes into a unique geocomposite drain. It evacuates liquids or gas even on flat areas. It also very efficient to extract LFGs directly into the waste mass during landfill operations.

DRAINTUBE keeps its drainage capacity over time. It is not sensitive to creep in compression when confined even under loads up to 50,000 psf.

DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposite allows geomembrane leak detection surveys using all types of geoelectrical methods.
Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE main applications :
Performance and Environmental Footprint
DRAINTUBE therefore offers effective solutions for the drainage of the groundwater, leachate, LFG or rainwater. The high level of performance of DRAINTUBE allows regulators, engineers and site owners to efficiently and effectively solve their drainage problems.
DRAINTUBE also significantly reduces the economic, social and environmental footprint of projects.
Enhanced LFG collection
DRAINTUBE can be positively connected to the gas network using the QUICK CONNECT SYSTEM for LFG collection. This all-in-one solution makes it possible to connect directly the pipes of the DRAINTUBE to the main HDPE manifold.
QUICK CONNECT SYSTEM permits to apply a vacuum through the entire length of the geocomposite and limit head losses.
Leak Detection and Geomembrane Protection
GEOCONDUCT conductive geotextile placed directly under the geomembrane makes possible leak detection and location survey on all type of supports. It also provides a protection of the geomembrane against puncture.
GEOCONDUCT conducts the electric current required for leak detection using spark test, arc test, water lance, dipole and geomembrane integrity monitoring.
DRAINTUBE CONDUCTIVE geocomposite is also available to provide mechanical protection of the geomembrane, electrical conductivity and drainage.