Environmental applications

One answer to multiple drainage concerns for Landfills, Impoundments and Biopiles

Remaining a constant long-term drainage capacity, enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE also helps to reduce the cost efficient, environmental and social footprint on-site.

Manufactured in North America on an European technology, AFITEX-Texel’s enhanced flow drainage geocomposite called DRAINTUBE combines the efficient technologies of non-woven geotextiles and perforated pipes into a unique family of geocomposite drains. It evacuates liquids or gas even on flat areas, and effectively extracts LFGs during landfill operations. These combinations raise the performance bar and set new standards for the drainage geocomposites.

Enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE FT/ST family offers efficient solutions for groundwater, leachates, LFG and runoff water drainage. DRAINTUBE’s proven technical capabilities allow regulators, engineers and operators to solve drainage issues in a simpler and more effective way.
DRAINTUBE  FT/ST combines standard perforated pipes and geosynthetic technology into a unique package which offers superior long-term drainage capacity and performance.
DRAINTUBE FT/ST drainage geocomposites allows geomembrane leak detection surveys using all types of geoelectrical methods.
Enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE FT/ST offers the same advantages of other drainage geocomposites while however overcoming most of their limitations. Gone are any concerns about creep in compression, geotextile intrusion, delimitation and perimeter tying.
  • Avoiding geomembrane whales and hippos in surface impoundments
  • Subgrade water and gas drainage
  • Active aeration system in biopiles
  • Rainfall water drainage on final landfill covers
  • LFG collection into the waste mass, for temporary caps or on final landfill covers
  • Primary, Secondary drainage layer in landfill cells
For LFG collection, because a vacuum is often needed to effectively extract the gas and improve the collection rate, DRAINTUBE can be positively connected to the gas network using Quick Connect System™. This all-in-one solution makes it possible to connect directly the pipes of the DRAINTUBE to the main HDPE manifold and to apply a vacuum through the entire length of the geocomposite.
Leak Detection and Geomembrane Protection
When a leak detection survey is needed, GEOCONDUCT™ conductive geotextile placed directly under the geomembrane provides puncture protection and allows all types of leak detection and location survey, such as spark test, arc test, water lance, dipole and geomembrane integrity monitoring.
And when drainage under the geomembrane is also needed, DRAINTUBE Conductive allows puncture protection, leak detection and water and/or gas drainage.