Roadworks and civil engineering

To drain water and remove soil pore pressures from geotechnical structures

Performant and cost efficient, this drainage geocomposite also offers many advantages such as time-saving, construction optimization, strength and long-term efficiency, and more.

For centuries, granular materials have been used to provide necessary drainage for roads construction and other earthwork projects. Today, enhanced flow drainage geocomposite products like DRAINTUBE FT/FTF offer valid alternatives to gravel layers.

Enhanced horizontal drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE FT/FTF offers an effective alternative to stone while at the same time offering a wide number of advantages, namely:
  • Lower costs,
  • Faster construction,
  • Less excavation and/or backfill,
  • Better performance,
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Effective road drainage increases durability and performance.
DRAINTUBE FT/FTF helps to control harmful effects of freeze-thaw cycles, high water tables, saturated subgrades and heavy loads.
DRAINTUBE FT/FTF offers many advantages for drainage over expensive gravel layers:
Cost savings
Evident financial advantages over gravel or sand: there is no need to travel back and forth to a quarry to gather granular material.
Logistics and Security
The use of DRAINTUBE FT/FTF reduces the trucks traffic and therefore the overall impact on nearby residents (noise, dust, accessibility, etc.). It also increases the security on-site and around the site.
It is much easier and faster to install DRAINTUBE FT/FTF on a low foundation than a layer of granular material on a geotextile separator.
Enhanced flow drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE FT/FTF performs without the need of granular layer nor two geotextile separators which saves excavation time. DRAINTUBE FT/ FTF, specifically sized for the project, provides the same hydraulic capacity as a layer of clean stone.