The experience and expertise of both AFITEX and Texel strive for excellence in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of high quality specialized synthetic materials – such as DRAINTUBE – primarily used/destined for geocomposite drainage markets in civil engineering, mining, sports and environment. Located in Sainte-Marie, Quebec, the company transforms basic textiles into high performing geosynthetic drainage products.

Relying on its experience and know-how, the company focuses on three major assets:

  • High quality products
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Innovative edge

AFITEXTexel’s priority is to understand and anticipate customers’ expectations, while at the same time adapting to the designers and entrepreneurs’ constraints and concerns.

Roadworks and civil engineering

To drain water and remove soil pore pressures from geotechnical structures

DRAINTUBE: Performant and Cost efficient.

Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE offers an effective alternative to gravel layers used for roads construction and other earthwork projects. Thanks to its high resistance to compression, it offers high flow capacity even under high loads.

DRAINTUBE optimizes construction projects by simplifying the installation of draining layers. It reduces the time of construction work and offers high long-term mechanical and hydraulic performances.

Environmental applications

The solution to multiple drainage concerns for Landfills, Impoundments and Biopiles

Durable and Ecologic drainage geocomposite

Manufactured in North America by AFITEX-Texel, multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE combines both performances of geotextiles and perforated drains. This innovative technology allows fast evacuation of liquids or gases, even with zero slope. It also effectively extracts landfill gases (LFG) directly into the waste mass during the operation of the landfill.

Remaining a high long-term flow drainage capacity, DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposites ensure lower costs and reduce environmental and social footprint on-site.

Tailings and mining applications

A long-term improved solution

DRAINTUBE: Robust and Technical

For many years, AFITEX-Texel has developed and manufactured multi-linear drainage geocomposites to decrease pore pressures in the soils. DRAINTUBE technology is a solution that provides safety, long term stability as well as consequent environmental footprint reductions.

DRAINTUBE provides technical and innovative solutions for mines rehabilitation, tailings drying or dams drainage. DRAINTUBE effectively drains liquids and gases even under extreme conditions.

Buildings and Sports fields applications

High performance at every stage

Socially responsible drainage geocomposite

Multi-linear drainage geocomposite DRAINTUBE offers an efficient and cost-effective drainage solution for buildings and sports fields.

The use of DRAINTUBE for the drainage of the foundations increases playing time on synthetic and natural sports fields.

On polluted soil, DRAINTUBE collects and effectively evacuates soil gases (biogas, radon, etc.) under the building. For soil water drainage under concrete slab, it replaces the granular draining layers and reduces the excavation work. DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposite offers an effective alternative regarding the performance and costs. It also reduces the social and environmental footprint on-site.